Uttarakhand Assembly Election :’रोड नहीं तो वोट नहीं ‘ के नारे के साथ, फूटा ग्रामीणों का गुस्सा , किया चुनाव बहिष्कार का ऐलान

हर बार चुनाओं के समय जनता को विकास का भरोसा दिलाया जाता है , हर बार उनकी जिंदगी बेहतर करने की तस्सली दी जाती है | ये काम किसी एक पार्टी का नहीं बल्कि सभी पार्टियों का है | वोट पाने के लिए सभी पार्टियाँ पहले जनता को तरक्की का […]

Panic in Rajasthan Congress, Ashok Gehlot Alleges BJP of Horse Trading.

Ahead of Rajyasabha Polls political situation is heating up in Rajasthan. Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in a Press Conference on Friday, 12th June said that “Narendra Modi-Amit Shah Busy Murdering Democracy in the time of corona crisis”. According to Rajasthan Congress BJP is making attempt to topple his government. […]

“Corona Express” will Prove to be Mamata’s Exit Express in Bengal Says Amit Shah

As COVID-19 is at it’s peak in India, so with the use of technology BJP is reaching out to people through virtual rallies. Amit Shah adresses one such rally for Bengal. Amid Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic in Bengal and whole World, Union Home Minister Amit Shah seemed like in a […]

Rajya Sabha elections 2020 – Everything you should know

Rajya Sabha Elections 2020: Updates  The Election Commission has announced that elections to 24 Rajya Sabha seats will take place on June 19, 2020. This includes 18 seats where the elections were deferred earlier due to the Covid-19 lockdown and the remaining six seats that will fall vacant in June […]