“Congress Culture” behind the dissatisfaction among youth and prominent leaders in the Grand Old Party ?

Opinion"Congress Culture" behind the dissatisfaction among youth and prominent leaders in the Grand Old Party ?

In the past few years, the Congress has been accused of being a lot of corrupt things and one of them is being power hungry. From being the single predominant party in India to its pitiful execution in the as of late held get together races in five expresses, the Congress party has been on a consistent downhill excursion. This article takes a gander at its direction post freedom.

The dissatisfaction amongst the youth towards the Congress has grown over the years. The structural faults have become clearer than ever. We all understand that with time we must alter our perspectives for the betterment of our society. For a better understanding lets take an example; in the case of Rajasthan Political Crisis. The young leader, Sachin Pilot turned against its own government. The youth has practically rebelled against its own leadership. Secondly while distributing the tickets for the elections the young workers has no sense as to who should they approach.

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The disparity comes into play when the distribution of tickets takes place in that process only the influential people have an edge or even outsiders with sources have an advantage and a better chance in getting a ticket while the youth who works the most and the upcoming generations who want to do good doesn’t get any opportunity to do so. Therefore, in such a situation of discrimination the youth gets disenchanted with the leadership.

Another important factor is that there is no clear line of control and the power center within the party is absolutely confusing because the three pillars of the part and the Gandhi family are in fact those power blocks themselves. Thus, there is is no clarity that who is to be followed. The other factor that played a role is that Rahul Gandhi in the past has tried to introduce young leaders and new reforms but due to his differences in the family particularly with Sonia Gandhi it was never a success.

The Feudal structure within in the party also unfortunately adds to the existing problems for the youth as the clarity of the ideologies does not exist. Thus, yet again the youth is left wandering as to where their future is headed. The old guard i.e. the congress is not ready to leave any space for the younger generation which is actually the main workforce therefore the youth brigade of politicians is coming to BJP.

Which in contrast does serve us with a very clear picture of the ideology of Hindutva and a very strong Central leadership within the party. The party is run on very clear lines and has a very good chain of command this can be seen from the results of the elections and the fact that BJP has formed its government it in a lot of states and also the central government. Finally, the Congress has not been able to feel and understand the pulse of the people which the BJP has and therefore the Congress has lacked behind and hasn’t been able to win the seats or the hearts.

The abandonment of Jyotiraditya Scindia and the defiance of Sachin Pilot hosts brought the Congress gathering’s internecine governmental issues to the front. A standard story around these uprisings is that the Congress gathering can no longer hold its well known, more youthful pioneers and that the focal initiative, i.e., the Gandhi trio; Sonia, Rahul, and Priyanka are to be accused. In our view, this is somewhat shortsighted and possibly a lost comprehension of why the Congress party is imploding.

Well seems like leaving Congress was the right thing to do for Scinida because the speculations are that Jyotiraditya Scindia is probably going to turn into a Cabinet serve in the NDA government at the Center and his candidate will turn into a vice president serve if the BJP figures out how to frame the administration in Madhya Pradesh.

In the recent past many leaders left the party due to the dissatisfaction and conflicts amongst the party members. For example, in 2014 Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy left the Andhra Pradesh Congress and formed Jai Samaikyandhra Party another incident when a party member left the congress was in 2016 when Ajit Jogi left the party in Chhattisgarh and formed Chhattisgarh Janata Congress. Thus, many prominent leaders have left the party fed up of these family conflicts and biased leadership in order to be successful and in fact some who left congress in the past turned out to be successful too, like the TMC of Mamata Banerjee in West Bengal, NCP of Sharad Pawar in Maharashtra etc.

In conclusion if the Congress wants to become more powerful and wants to move ahead then it must incorporate the new ideas and perspectives in their own ideologies.

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