Rahul Gandhi is quick to Question on Twitter but has skipped all meetings of Standing Committe on Defence

Rahul Gandhi skips all 11 meetings of standing commitee on defence

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi who is continuously attacking PM Narendra Modi and his Government for it’s handling of India-China Faceoff via Twitter, but has skipped all the 11 meetings of Standing Commitee on Defence since September of which he is a member.

The BJP president took to Twitter this morning to hit out at the former Congress chief for criticising the Central government over border stand-off between India and China in Ladakh. “Rahul Gandhi does not attend a single meeting of Standing Committee on Defence. But sadly, he continues to demoralise the nation, question the valour of our armed forces and do everything that a responsible opposition leader should not do,” Nadda tweeted on Monday morning.

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The BJP chief also said that there are many deserving members in the Congress party who understand parliamentary matters but “one dynasty will never let such leaders grow”. “Rahul Gandhi belongs to that glorious dynastic tradition where as far as defence is concerned, committees don’t matter, only commissions do. The Congress has many deserving members who understand parliamentary matters but one dynasty will never let such leaders grow. Really sad, ” he tweeted.

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Congress has been continuously attacking the Centre asking whether the Chinese have occupied any Indian territory. Rahul Gandhi even went on to say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has “surrendered” to Chinese aggression, making a series of attacks along these lines and accusing the Prime Minister of lying to the people of India. Even as questions have been raised on Congress for signing a suspicious MoU with the Chinese Communist Party and receiving funding from Chinese Embassy in the past, Congress has raised allegations of BJP-RSS having connections with Chinese Communist Party.

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Responding to Congress allegations, Home Minister Amit Shah has also slammed the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi for indulging in ‘shallow politics’ and dared them to have a discussion about India’s ongoing faceoff with China in the Parliament. Stating that Rahul Gandhi says things that China and Pakistan like to hear, Shah lambasted the Congress for not standing by the soldiers and for politicising the issue.


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