Chhattisgarh Opinion Poll 2018: Who will win 2018 Chhattisgarh Elections?

ChhatisgarhChhattisgarh Opinion Poll 2018: Who will win 2018 Chhattisgarh Elections?

The 2018 assembly elections are being considered as a mirror to the General Elections 2019. While the latest Karnataka election and its results created great havoc among people, the elections of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan are also around the corner. Participate in Chhattisgarh opinion poll 2018 and let us know who will the upcoming Chhattisgarh elections 2018.

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In the political scene of Karnataka, BJP failed to make a government which led to the formation of a coalition government with Congress and JD(S). HD Kumaraswamy took the oath as the Chief Minister on 23rd May 2018. BJP has had a stronghold in Madhya Pradesh as well as Rajasthan and they will try to bounce back in these two states, while Congress would try to make it’s presence felt.

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Chhattisgarh will also be holding elections in 2018, though the dates haven’t been finalized. The elections will be held for 90 seats. The tenure of the current government ends on 5th January 2019. Chhatisgarh elections 2018 are very important for BJP as BJP could not form the government in Karnataka and Chhatisgarh elections will play a crucial role in the result of 2019.

Latest Chhattisgarh Election Survey is predicting the fourth Consecutive Victory for Raman Singh Government. This election survey was conducted on all 90 seats and on a survey size of more than 5000 people. Yoy can check the more details about latest Chhattisgarh election result here.

The last assembly election in the state was held in 2013 in two phases on 11th and 19 November. The result was announced on 8th December 2013. The elections were held for 90 seats, out of which, BJP managed to win 49 seats while Congress could only win 39 seats.

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BJP formed the government for the third time consecutively and Raman Singh was re-elected as the Chief Minister.

It will be interesting to see if Congress is able to jinx BJP’s hold in Chhattisgarh or does BJP form the government for the fourth time.

The nearer the time for the Lok Sabha Elections are coming, it is exciting to see Who will win Chhattisgarh elections 2018 and how it will affect the results of Lok Sabha Elections. You can also participate in our Chhattisgarh Opinion poll and let us know who do you think will win Chhattisgarh elections 2018 in the comment section.

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