Karnataka election poll: Rate Karnataka government performance out of 10

Karnataka election poll

Participate in Karnataka election poll and tell us how much will you rate Karnataka government performance out of 10 in Karnataka and also give in your views in the comment section.

Karnataka has time and again been a closely knit competition between Congress, BJP and JD(S). In the previous elections, Congress emerged victorious by winning 122 of the 223 seats they contested for with 43% increase in the winning ratio. BJP managed to win only 40 seats with a 72% decrease in the winning ratio.

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Congress declared Siddaramaiah as the Chief Minister after secret balloting by Congress party members. Siddaramaiah was sworn in as the Chief Minister on 13th May 2013.

Siddaramaiah had many positives as well as negative points in his political careers as a Chief Ministers. Let us have a look at them:-

Achievements of Karnataka Government:

  • The opening of Indira Canteens 
  • Introduction of a new economic policy that focused on Industries 
  • Implementation of Anna Bhagya 
  • Implementation of Ksheera Bhagya
  • Implementation of Shoe Bhagya 
  • Construction of dam – Medakettu
  • Implementation of Swacch Bharat Abhigyan 
  • Introduction of Mobileone 
  • Introduction to Bike Ambulance 
  • Demolition of illegal buildings
  • The announcement of a scheme for organ donation

Failures of Karnataka Government:

  • Corrupt cabinet 
  • Death of Gauri Lankesh, no leads on it 
  • Death of farmers
  • Celebrating of Tippu Jayanti 
  • Death of Deputy in Sub Police, Ganapathi 
  • Unable to handle D.K. Ravi’s case
  • Shaadi Bhagya 
  • Electricity issues
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People have mixed opinion when it comes to how Karnataka Government Performance. Participate Karnataka election poll and tell us what you think of Siddaramaiah government performance in Karnataka.


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