How far is Rahul Gandhi’s idea of Politicising India-China Clash Fair ?


Indian and Chinese armies have been on a deadlock since the past six weeks in several areas of eastern Ladakh. The bonds between the two countries came under unadorned tension after the Chinese military killed 20 militants in a violent clash on 15th June.

After this incident, Rahul Gandhi has been tweeting unceasingly on the matter since Monday.

On Friday 19th, Narendra Modi held an all-party meeting where the party leaders were called in for discussing the situation at the border.  Modi said that our territory isn’t captured in any way and hence India only wants peace and friendship by upholding sovereignty.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the attack at Galwan valley was pre planned. He quoted that the Government of India was fast asleep and denied the problem and that the price was paid by the Jawans we lost.

To this, the father of  an injured Army soldier tweeted from Alwar (Rajasthan) whose son fought in Galwan valley clash, reacted over Rahul Gandhi’s tweet. Rahul Gandhi had earlier retweeted on a video of the father and said that cabinet ministers were lying about the incident in Galwan Valley.

“The Indian Army is a strong army and can defeat China. Rahul Gandhi don’t indulge in politics in this…my son fought in the army and will continue fighting in the army,” said the father.

Union Home Minister,Amit Shah lashed out at the comments made by Rahul Gandhi on 20th June. He tweeted back saying,” Rahul Gandhi should also rise above petty politics. A brave army man’s father has a very clear message.”

Rahul Gandhi took a gig at the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi of having ‘surrendered’ Indian territory to Chinese aggression in a tweet on 21st June.

Since the Galwan Valley incident, Rahul Gandhi has been attacking the Government of India. Impish comments are being made by him. This clearly isn’t helping the situation as the Galwan valley attack is a very sensitive issue that needs a lot of details and understanding yet. Fighting back without any proper planning and conscience cannot be tolerated as any of the countries can afford a war.


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