Why is National Register of Citizens (NRC) important to solve the grave problem of Illegal Immigration in India ?

Why is National Register of Citizens (NRC) important to solve the grave problem of Illegal Immigration in India ?

The law of the land always has some backdrop, some events that lead to its enaction. Any argument that divorces itself from the historical account is a loser’s argument. When it comes to India, the recent citizenship amendment act has received all kinds of opinions based on lame virtue signalling, without much of the understanding of how the law is interpreted in courts and with absolute neglect to what led to its formulation.

When Article 1 of the constitution states that India, that is BHARAT, shall be a union of states, it accepts itself as a civilizational state that is duty-bound to protect the land and its cultural identity from hostile external and internal threats as one unit. Any socio-legal document doesn’t use words that are superfluous and without meaning. One has to remember this at every point when he or she discusses illegal immigration in this nation.

Ask these questions before you jump to the idea of a nation without boundaries:

  • Do we have enough police force within our state to manage illegal immigration along with all the horrific crimes in the society that takes forever when stuck in the justice system?
  • Do we have a special immigration task force to solve the problem of illegal immigration and the problem it brings with it?
  • What is the population of the Indian Army when pitted against the population of illegal migrants of 2 crores (as per law commission report) or even more? And, can they protect everyone in this country of 1.3 billion people?
  • Are you convinced that they are not bound to take away jobs, add to the existing population crisis and create further problems for the government?  
  • Are you so naive to think that they will not act as weapons in the hands of parties and radical groups with vested interests that are against the integrity of this country?

Unrest in Assam due to Illegal Immigrants:

The demographic invasion in Assam from erstwhile East Pakistan and present-day Bangladesh is no recent phenomenon. It has been identified as a forceful, unwelcomed process to capture resourceful lands and grow in numbers that it becomes stupid to even think that such a large number of people should be sent back to where they came from. The idea of occupying rich lands and a feudal mindset of the illegal settlers have eroded indigenous Assamese identity on a massive scale. These things have been recorded in 1975 Law Commission Report, report of C. S. Mullan captured in Supreme Court judgements. Also, there is a wonderful book written by an ex-IPS Officer of Assam, Hiranya Kumar Bhattacharyya, namely ‘Operation lebensraum’.

N. Bezboruah,the founder-editor of The Sentinel, a Guwahati-based English language dailywrites, “The biggest problem facing Assam and the north-eastern states of India today is large-scale illegal migration from Bangladesh. The problem is very serious today because, at the present rate of influx, there is the very real danger of Assam being annexed to Bangladesh in just a couple of decades from now. And the irony of the situation is that the problem has stemmed from greed on both sides – greed for cultivable land on one side and greed for votes on the other. And now there is the remarkable poetic justice of the greed for power having infected the providers of easy illegal votes as well.”

Rohingya Crisis:

Now when we come to the Rohingya crisis, has India done nothing? “On July 9, Ambassador to Myanmar Saurabh Kumar handed over 250 completed pre-fabricated homes to the Myanmar government for use by the refugees when they return.”, writes The Hindu. India is among the first countries to help Rohingyas with aid so that they can live in sanitary conditions. But does that get any praise from Qatar funded media outlets like Al-Jazeera? Do they question the OIC members as to why there is no contribution or help from there side being Islamic peace-loving countries? On the other hand, Bangladesh has outrightly refused to house or give permanent citizenship to Rohingyas. Historically, they are Chittagong Muslims that migrated to Rakhine in Myanmar, but still, this is the country’s position for it considers Rohingyas to be a regional threat.

One has to think that why there are riots in the name of Rohingyas and why there is complete apathy to non-Muslims who are actually religiously persecuted in the neighbouring Islamic states. Has the difference in compassion for different religious groups anything to do with the funding various NGOs receive? Why is it that there is no grief for pundits of Kashmir in their own land or non-Muslims of pre-partition India that have suffered and met a ruined fate for the idea of the two-nation theory by Jinnah, but there are immense pressure and large protests to take in Rohingyas who did not even choose India but Pakistan at the time of partition, and presently are suspected as compromised at the hands of terrorist groups like LeT? “The Bangladesh government has confirmed to New Delhi that terror groups like the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) have instigated Rohingyas to avenge last year’s sectarian violence in Myanmar. This more narrowly focusses on the Indian investigations into the July 7 serial bomb blast at the Mahabodhi temple in Gaya, Bihar, on Islamic militant groups inside India and Bangladesh.”, writes Hindustan Times. When it comes to the internal security of the country and integrity of its borders, the government has the right to decide whether or not a particular group is a threat to the interests of the natives of this land. If one wants economic stability and wants to work in India, that whosoever has to be known to the authorities and not enter illegally.

Solving the problem of Illegal Immigrants is Must:

The repelling effect NRC exercise received may be rooted in its failure in Assam but the idea and opinion of not needing it at all when infiltrators are in states like Maharashtra Jammu and Kashmir (now UT), Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, West Bengal, Uttarakhand and Bihar holding fake IDs, using government schemes and ready to remain away from the radar of the authorities must have some foul intention at its core. The population is enough to impact the politics of India as vote banks (Kashmir, Assam and West Bengal), to cause chaos and riots if they want ( Azaad Maidan Riots) and still have all the pity in the world (anti CAA protests).

We have to stop gagging voices speaking up for their safety in this land and quit running from inquiries. We cannot put barbaric and savage sentiments behind the veil of victimhood. Bluntly speaking for national security without the polish of political correctness is required at any cost in this situation. The Indian nation lacks confidence in its civilizational Indic identity and consequently produces a breed of gutless and spineless people who cannot confront these issues without the Hijaab of secularism. Illegal immigration should be a problem simply because India is not a public park, and showing documents verifying your credentials is a must.


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