Saurabh Suman : Professional Social Worker With All The Expertise


COVID19 has impacted globally and because of this many people has lost their life. Not only this, it has impacted the livelihood, health condition of the people. Downfall of economy were also observed. After all of this, social work has become important profession so that heightened risk people of the community can be supported. This area is totally different from other profession because it focuses both on the person and their environment.

To work in this sector is not an easy task, one has to be hardworking, focused, selfless and extraordinary to help the needy people in the community. Certain groups in the society are regularly experience prejudicial treatment and need extraordinary consideration regarding keep away from possible abuse.

So, we came across excellent Social Worker Saurabh Suman who has all the expertise and currently working for the needy humans.
Certain gatherings in the general public regularly experience prejudicial treatment and need extraordinary consideration regarding keep away from possible abuse.

Social Worker by profession and by passion- that is what defines Saurabh Suman who is 27 years old from Delhi, India. He has done his Bachelors and Masters in Social Work discipline. During his academics, he has done his field work in several areas like child, women, elderly etc. He has done his internship in various NGOs and supported the marginalised section of the society.

Saurabh’s essential mission is to upgrade human prosperity and help meet fundamental and complex requirements, everything being equal, with a specific focus on the individuals who are defenceless, persecuted, and living in different challenges. He has attempted to mitigate individuals’ anguish, battled for their social equity and improved the lives of the networks.
In hundreds of ways, he helped individuals of each age and foundation the nation over. His non-judgmental attitude helped the vulnerable section of the society a lot as he has offered direct assistance and therapy straight forwardly to all the beneficiaries.
The most well-known aspect of Saurabh is that he tries to enable the community people so that they can support themselves and become independent in their day to day life.
To master his skills, he has worked with significant social workers, social activists and influencer.

His experience of working with top most Non-Governmental Organisation has helped him learn every bit of social sector. His knowledge and his determination have helped his organisation as well as the beneficiaries to grow commendably.

The rousing story of Saurabh Suman is all that an individual who is searching for a walk of life in Social Worker and prepared to devote his life in supporting the marginalised part of the general public, to get all siphoned up and set foot unhesitatingly and eagerly in Social area to make progress like Saurabh.


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