Rohit Tayade, Pune’s Youngest Entrepreneur & YouTuber Wants To Keep Doing Good Work


There is no limit and age when one has big dreams. Rohit Tayade, an Engineering student always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Despite just being a student, he made his dream come true. Today, Rohit is one of the Youngest Entrepreneurs in Pune.

Al the time that Rohit used to spend on the internet has helped him understand the web world. He learned a lot a about digital marketing, promotions and how crucial it is for brands and companies. That gave Rohit an Idea to start his own digital marketing company. Well, that’s exactly what he did.

Rohit Tayade is the founder of a digital marketing company called Realownmedia. With his great understanding of Communications and digital world, Rohit became a trustworthy name among companies that seek online marketing. His company has shown a good growth even during the Pandemic.

Rohit Tayade also runs a YouTube channel called Rohit Tayade where he talks about Bollywood, Vlogging and Singing . People love his insights on every topic he chooses to talk about. Rohit hopes that by the end of 2021, his channel will show a growth of 100k subscribers.

Despite having a successful digital marketing firm, Rohit Tayade wants to do more as an entrepreneur. He says, “Realownmedia is just the start. There’s more I want to do. I am finishing my engineering. Probably something related to the field. But I have big dreams and every day, I want to work to make them come true.”


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