Nirav Shah : The Man With Future Vision Initiates Plantable Pencil Concept In Surat.


Nirav shah is a man who always thinks about the betterment of the society and future. Recently he came up with an incredible cause “plantable pencil” initiated by himself in surat city which later on will be a pan India cause including 15 states and 2 UT’s. The idea of plantable pencil will eventually help the nature. Once the pencil is used or broken instead of throwing it in the garbage, we can put that pencil in plant pot which will grow into a beautiful plant. The concept of educating India with the awareness of better ecosystem is what Nirav shah thinks about. With his vision to help people across, people like Shiraz Gandhi, Sajan Shah brand like Teamex and more than 58 foundation supported him in this cause. This noble cause will help more than 25000 children across Gujarat. They will get plantable pencil starting from surat to across India.

This is not the first time that mr. Nirav Shah did something extraordinary for the society. Recently he got a name “Surat’s padman Nirav shah” where he distributed sanitary napkins in surat city which also turned into pan India move. Nirav shah aims to provide immediate relief to women from low-income groups. More than 4000 girls from Gujarat will get sanitary napkin and the distribution has already started. His aim is to provide immediate relief for menstrual health issues faced by women who are from low-income groups, in collaboration with the Live To Inspire, through the distribution of sanitary napkins. They are also educated about the best menstrual hygiene practices. Even in this cause people like Shiraz Gandhi, Sajan Shah brand like Teamex and more than 58 foundation supported him.

The list does not stops here, the most famous plantation campaign “ TREEVOLUTION” was also initiated by Nirav shah on PM Narendra modi’s  70th birthday. In here,  Mr Nirav shah contributed his best to make surat a green city by planting more than 70,000 trees. He believes biodiversity and green spaces have been something we must preserve for a better future. So he came up with an excellent idea to plant more than 70,000 trees in surat which will help today’s generation in future. He has always helped and stood up for the development of the society. He wishes to make world a better place to live in.

Nirav shah is a man with never to stop attitude. By doing such noble deeds and cause nirav is not only helping the environment but also helping the society and setting an example for every citizen of the country through his campaigns and causes.


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