Legal notice to Instagram by Samrat Bhai


Samrat Gaur is an exceptionally confident and strong personality. He is an entrepreneur, social activist, and YouTube content creator.
He is popular among people as he runs a YouTube channel named Samrat Bhai that is also his common name. His positive mindset and his passion for societal welfare are highly inspirational for youth. He has done so much for social welfare as he believes that one should always work for society. He believes in putting his voice out loud through social media platforms on several social topics. Being a headstrong and outspoken person, he has been criticized by many but, the criticism never stopped him from speaking his mind. His personality and work for society have influenced many people, and as of now, he has more than 700K followers on social platforms. He believes that people should be aware and responsible while using the internet.
He is famous for creating truth revealing content. He is winning the hearts of his viewers at large by providing the audiences with facts and the correct information with entertaining roasting content. What makes him unique and responsible is that he entertains his audience through roasting videos yet provides them with factual information.
He makes videos on different social topics and puts his unbiased opinion. Likewise, he raised his voice against Instagram policies. Samrat Gaur has sent a legal notice to Instagram for its irresponsibly formed policies. These days, one can see inappropriate, vulgar, and offensive posts on Instagram. Most of the time, millions of people can see such inappropriate and offensive posts on their feeds. Instagram does not delete such posts until reported that the post is inappropriate. As per the policies of Instagram, the minimum age limit to create an account on Instagram is 13 but, it is so easy to bypass it. He speaks on such relevant and highly questionable topics to bring awareness and bring changes. He asked Instagram – who will be responsible for such inappropriate content on Instagram visible to the restricted age group? He hopes that Instagram will look into the matter and change its policies.
Being an unbiased speaker brings him lots of hate comments. But he also gets showered with love from his followers. He follows his heart without ado and is not afraid to spill the beans. And this is what influences many people, and it is also his key to success as a YouTuber.


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