Karnataka elections 2018: Can Yogi win Karnataka for BJP ?

Karnataka elections 2018

Are Karnataka elections 2018 to be a roadmap to Loksabha elections 2019 ?

After paving the way for saffron flags in 19 states of India out of total 29 states, Bhartiya Janta Party is all set to gear its next move for the upcoming elections in the 2018. Out of the list of the states bound to go to poll for State Legislative Assembly Elections in the early phase of 2018 like the North East states of Tripura, Meghalaya, Mizoram and Nagaland, other states like Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, one of the most important point of attraction lies in the state of Karnataka where currently the largest opposition party is in chair under the leadership of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. The state sends 12 members to Rajya Sabha and 28 members to the Lok Sabha. Mr. Siddaramaiah is the 22nd elected Chief Minister of the state sworn on 13 March 2013 after Congress’s eminent victory in 2013 elections.

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Making way for 2019 General elections, Karnataka would turn out to be the battleground now after Gujarat as the country is heading close to 2019 General election polls. After recent shakedown events like Demonetisation and implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) by the ruling saffron party, Karnataka needs to bear the testimony for the ruling party to exert pressure in the polls ahead and at the same time, the major opposition of Indian National Congress is at a point of testifying its essence in the political ground after crystallizing their Gujarat defeat as a respectful one for the improving personality of its President and disappointment of some regarding slowing economy.

What are the strategies of Yogi for Karnataka elections 2018 to bring “Parivartan” ?

The ruling party in the state, Congress, has trusted their Chief Minister Mr. Siddaramaiah only to take the reins whereas BJP most probably would be coming down to the senior leader and former Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa. Revival of Congress in the centre is a harsh goal to achieve and is only possible to retain if Karnataka is regained as only two states of at most importance are ruled by Congress as of now including Punjab.
BJP is using the same tactics of traditions as used in the Uttar Pradesh elections by placing down Yogi Adityanath in the race for BJP stakes. Adityanath upholding Parivartana Yatra in the state engaged in the game of blaming the ruling party of the state responsible “corruption, divisive politics and anti-development policies” in the state for past years. He pointed out that as the assembly elections, due early this year, neared, the Congress had resorted to dividing society on the lines of caste. The saffron-robed UP Chief Minister alleged an attack to Karnataka CM, Siddaramaiah’s Hindu roots saying if he is really an Hindu, why he does not ban beef in the state.
Another stride of events led him to calling Karnataka “the land of Hanuman” that was ruled by the erstwhile Vijayanagara Empire, Yogi Adityanath said it was unfortunate that the Congress, “instead of worshipping Hanuman and Vijayanagar, was worshiping Tipu Sultan and if Karnataka dismisses Congress in one go, no one else will come to worship Tipu Sultan,” pointing to the Siddaramaiah’s celebration of Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversaries for 2 years in a row.

The Parivartan rally turned up to criticizing the events of “brutal killings” of BJP activists in the state making it as a “state of anarchy.” Attracting the centre to his own constituency, Yogi Adityanath put out the fact in his speech that there were no instances of communal violence in 10 months in Uttar Pradesh since he took over as chief minister. He also brought out the Congress as being responsible for the interruptions in Rajya Sabha as being opposed to the bill on triple talaq and alleged that the party was “anti-Muslim” and “anti-women.”

What are the political tactics  showered by “Abhayahasth” for Karnataka elections ?

Meanwhile on the other hand, the recently elected Congress President, Mr. Rahul Gandhi is pressured to stake back their claim as being the Congress that can over-weigh the obstacles of revivalism. It was decided by the party to assert the importance of Congress MP Dr Shashi Tharoor in Karnataka to hold public meetings. The chairman of All India Professional Congress, Mr. Tharoor is reaching out to professionals in Karnataka besides holding public rallies. He asserts “In Karnataka, I have a dual role. Apart from doing campaign to reach out to professionals who are keen to work with us. We are reaching out to not just professionals, who want to join us politically, but even those professionals who just want to give ideas and don’t want to get politically involved. They are also being welcomed.” Being a great intellect and influential spokesperson that he is, he is bound to be totally engrossed in the Karnataka elections as an important leader of the party. Other ministers like Congress Communication Department Convener Priyanka Chaturvedi is all set to her base camp in Bengaluru. Leader of Congress in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge and former Union Minister Dr Veerapa Moily are also prepared to run down to the battleground of Karnataka.

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How Internet is being used as a media to campaign for Karnataka elections ?

Not only through rallies but also the technology as base to their campaigns, the political parties seemed to be in a war of words on Twitter when the two Chief Ministers of India – Yogi Adityanath and Siddaramaiah – in a chain of tweets blamed each other’s parties starting from the time when Siddaramaiah welcomed Adityanath to the state and invited him to visit the service of Indira canteen and ration shops and “learn” from his government. Replying to which Adityanath took to taunting his counterpart for the “number of farmer suicides had been highest in Karnataka.”
And the war of words is here to stay till the time of elections.

The people of the country are expecting the role of anti-incumbency politics or the blame games of political parties to slow down to make way for real agendas of the parties contesting in the months to follow.The stakes of winning could weigh down on both sides as per today’s say but both the active and largest parties of the country need to uphold values and morals along with the essence of good leadership model to present for the 2019 General elections.


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