Independence Day Narendra Modi’s speech seemed optimistic as well as aspiring

EditorialIndependence Day Narendra Modi's speech seemed optimistic as well as aspiring

Narendra Modi is famous for his powerful speeches and his speech on the 71st Independence Day from the ramparts of the Red Fort in New Delhi was no different. The Prime Minister talked about various issues ranging from GST to terrorism and looked promising. He shared his views on different topics and various achievements in the different fields. He shared various emotions through his speech. He seemed optimistic as well as aspiring. He didn’t indulge in talks of the other parties. He simply addressed each and every person of the nation, which makes him a great speaker and a great leader.

Narendra Modi started his speech by addressing the young children present in the crowd. It was followed by him expressing his sadness on the children killed in the hospital of Gorakhpur in New Delhi. Recently, many states have been affected by floods and other natural disasters. Modi focused on the collective effort and urged people to help each other during natural disasters. Narendra Modi didn’t forget to remember the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the independence of the nation.

Narendra Modi has always focused on the youth of the country. So, he continued his speech by addressing to the children born in the year 2000. He addressed them by saying they were the ‘BHAGYA VIDHATAS’ of the nation. This has been one of the admirable qualities of the PM, he never forgets to mention the youth and he firmly believes youth is the future of the country.

Narendra Modi is famous for his risk taking decisions and his fearless character. He mostly laid his emphasis on how the nation has developed in the past years and how the nation can be developed further. He wants the people of the nation to ‘be the change’. He wanted to imply that the change will begin from the individuals and then the collective effort will make it successful. He paid special attention on removing the serious problems of the nation like corruption and terrorism. He seemed determinant in eradicating the two pot holes in the development of the nation. He admitted that there will not be any leniency towards the terrorists. He further added that India has the support of other nations against terrorism. Also, Kashmir issue was discussed in which he urged people that the matter will be solved with love and be using bullets and abuses will only worsen the situation in the state.

He also laid emphasis on the technology. He showed the country what India is capable. Modi has always been in favor of new technologies and he once again discussed about it. He wants to bring new technologies which will help eradicate corruption and further help the nation in developing. Modi has often desired his wishes of a non-violent country and again on the day of Independence, he promised the people to help India become a non-violent as well as a country free from communalism and casteism. Modi showed a promise to help the country become a peaceful nation of Mahatma Gandhi and Lord Buddha.

Modi has taken a few big steps which include demonetization and GST. Many people thought this was the great decision in the long term, but there are few people who believe it was not a good step. Modi explained the benefits of the GST and demonetization and said much black money has been acquired and licenses of many companies have been cancelled. Modi has always been an admirer of cashless economy and this admiration was shown in his speech. He desperately wants people to focus more on the digital economy, so that country can develop towards cashless economy. He also seemed to warn other countries by saying that India is capable to protect its security, whether it is land, sea or cyber space. Recently, there are many talks about an upcoming war and people fear that India does not have enough ammunition to which Modi gave a clear answer.

He ended his 56 minutes long speech on a lot of optimism for the people of the nation. Modi has always been admired for not faking his promises and always looking for realistic solutions. Inferring from his speech, we can safely assume that there will be more massive steps taken by the Modi government in his last 2 years as PM. Modi was as clear as a bell in providing an idea of bigger steps to be taken against terrorism and corruption.

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