Entrepreneur Rahul Ahuja Inspires Thousands From His Life

EditorialEntrepreneur Rahul Ahuja Inspires Thousands From His Life

Rahul Ahuja who is a professional Social Worker has ascended his route in the food industry as an entrepreneur by associating with big brands, companies and stakeholders, etc.

Rahul Ahuja Eatsindia understands that it is not at all easy to sustain in this industry and believes in a philosophy that, “It is all about passion, persistence, and giving back to the community.”

Rahul Ahuja never disappoints his followers and makes sure to keep them updated with new blogs, articles, recipes and travel advice. He believes that with hope and utmost determination at delivering the best to the food community, never stopped him from looking ahead.

Rahul Ahuja influencer realized his true potential and today he is one of the most influential entrepreneurs of India. He influences and motivates his followers to chase their dreams, passion and making the best out of it. He inspires them by showcasing them that a lot can be achieved other than a regular office job.

Rahul Ahuja EATSINDIA as a food blogger makes sure to keep his social media updated with new trends from his travel journeys and cuisines tasted. His followers are engaged with new ideas in the food industry in the local area and also across the world.

Many articles have been published about his journey and success story. He is one of the recognised personality from our nation on google as he submits many reviews on Zomato, TripAdvisor, Google for Various restaurants.

The current interesting achievement to spot on, within a year he has visited a lot of different countries and from his own earnings! Rahul is not working only for monetary benefits but for the passion and love he shares for food.

With 2 years of experience on his plate, he has an eye for the best food and restaurant out there, be it local or across the country. He loves travelling alone, and interacting with new people and understanding their diverse culture and cuisine.

Rahul makes sure to widen his horizon and leave no dish unattended. Making us re-visit those places with him from blogs. He has rooted his place in the food industry and keeps expanding with new journeys.

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