Bright vision promotes your Growth but Strong convictions makes you Ankit Pandey, Founder of Insist Post

Ankit Pandey Founder of Insist Post

Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi is considered one of the most influential leaders on social media. Credit goes to the BJP’s information technology wing and some websites whose continuous efforts are to promote the agenda of the party and its leaders.

Contents on these websites are encouraged to glorify Modi and his ideas. They boycott dissenting voices against Modi and BJP on their platforms. Interestingly, these sites claim that China is scared of India and India has won the case of Kulbhushan Jadhav at the International Court of Justice.

Apart from that, contents related to India’s relation with its neighbors, Modi’s famous scheme, his visions, and patriotism can be found largely. Such posts popularize the party among common people.

Ankit Pandey Founder of Insist Post

During the election, the party uses the contents of these platforms to show its achievement. These sites influence people as it showcases the achievement of the party. All these platforms are believed to be the source to attract people towards BJP.

Though these sites help the party to expand their ideas across the globe, still it is not clear whether they get any help from the party or not as most of the sites does not have advertisement which is the source of income.

Contents are not restricted only on sites they promote through social media handles too. Contents can be found on Facebook and Twitter. There are many pages on social media and each page has millions of followers, who strongly believe in the ideas promoted through these platforms.

These kinds of sites have brought opportunities for Indian youth. Some Indian youth have gained popularity and wealth through these platforms. Ankit Pandey, who is associated with at least three websites –,, and Pandey says, “We are not journalists…we are an opinion website, we have an opinion and we promote it.”

Ankit founded Insist Post in 2015. Insist Post has more traffic than some of the leading news sites. It is seen as a huge success of Ankit Pandey.

He sparked a revolution in the world of social media news and views. He has done all this quite single-handedly. He dominated the web news format in an unprecedented manner through his unique ways.

Though Ankit’s friend sees him successful, Ankit is not satisfied with only one role. Along with managing a popular news web portals and several political campaigns, he launched a digital advertising company called AD Jagat. This agency is learned to be one of the most customer-friendly and affordable entities in the advertising world.

All these successes impressed not just his friends, but also his foes. His life lessons have pushed many of his close ones to venture out of their comfort zones and achieve their dreams.


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