Anisa Muthoni: Advocate for Justice and Equality in the Face of Tragedy

International NewsAnisa Muthoni: Advocate for Justice and Equality in the Face of Tragedy

Anisa Muthoni, a 27-year-old employee at the Mandapa Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Bali and a graduate in hotel management from Sunway University, has recently faced a horrific incident. Born in Kenya, Ms. Muthoni was assaulted by individuals while steadfastly supporting various causes against perceived injustices.

This tragic event has shaken the community, and our thoughts are with Ms. Muthoni during this difficult time.

Ms. Muthoni’s father, a leader in the LGBTQ community in Kenya, has been a vocal advocate for equality. His efforts in fighting for justice have inspired many, and we acknowledge his commitment.

In addition to these challenges, Ms. Muthoni, who is HIV/AIDS positive, has shown remarkable resilience. Despite the adversity, she expresses a strong desire for accountability and justice, particularly for those allegedly responsible for the assault. Currently residing in Bali, Ms. Muthoni is actively building a community to rally support and seek justice.

Our organization stands in solidarity with Ms. Muthoni and all individuals who advocate for justice and equality. We condemn acts of violence and call for a thorough investigation into this reported assault, urging authorities to ensure a fair and just resolution. For more information, visit her website:

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