As the tenure of the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh is about to end, the Himachal Pradesh Election is around the corner.

The term of the Congress government ends on the 7th January 2018. The elections might take place in November – December 2017.

Here is the brief information about the upcoming Himachal election which you must know –

  1. The elections would be held for 68 seats, out of which 17 seats are reserved for SC and 3 for ST.
  2. In order to have a majority, a party has to win a minimum of 35 seats.
  3. The main contenders or the Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2017 are Indian National Congress, Bhartiya Janta Party, Aam Aadmi Party and HILOPA. Congress would be rooting to keep a hold on the state while BJP would try to make it their territory. AAP would try its best to regain its lost charm.

In the 2012 Legislative Assembly, Congress beat BJP by getting the majority. Virbhadra Singh was made the Chief Minister of the State.

Here is what happened in last Himachal Pradesh Election which had taken place on 28th December 2012

 Himachal Pradesh

Let us know whom do you think is going to win this 12th assembly election in Himachal Pradesh in the comment section.

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