Afzal Anis, The Founder Of Fametick Media Is Thriving In Startup Industry.


    Creating the best product among your competitors is a difficult task. Another back-breaking job is to promote that brand/product to the right people, to the right place, sending the right message.

    Your presence matters so are your brand name. A strong online presence is very important for today’s business because 90% of the expected customers have shifted online in the last few years. From 2004 to 2017 there has been a huge number of transformations from Traditional Marketing to Digital and PR Marketing.

    PR marketing is a platform which helps business to get profits with impressing ROI.

    Afzal Anis is 18 years old commerce student. He is humble and down to earth boy. Being only a teenager Afzal Anis is not the same as his other fellow mates. His mindset, determination, and perseverance made him nationally and internationally famous for his work.

    One of the young entrepreneurs of India, Afzal Anis belongs to a small town in Ranchi. Creating a big name without living in a metro city is tedious. But the circumstances could not hold the will power of Afzal Anis.

    At a very small age, he picked up business as a full-time job. Afzal Anis has become one of the best PR consultants in India. He has been featured in many reputed news websites such as International Business Times, Hindustan Times, The Statesman, Influencive, News18, NewsX, and others.

    Afzal Anis understood the importance of PR Marketing in Asia and India. Young Indian entrepreneur Afzal Anis acknowledged that if a person or a brand wants to make a name then Traditional marketing will not be able to deliver expected results. Today’s scenario is preferable for PR Marketing.

    Afzal Anis has abundant knowledge about PR Marketing. He has come up with a great team to work on PR Marketing and ORM (Online Reputation Management). Even after getting huge success as a young entrepreneur Afzal Anis did not stop updating himself. He keeps on studying marketing. Analysis of the market and exploring new ideas every day, while executing them on business is what Afzal Anis loves to do.

    Afzal Anis is the founder of Fametick Media. Fametick is one of the best PR Marketing agencies in India, which is thriving right now exponentially. Afzal Anis made a promise to deliver 100% authentic content to his clients. Fametick media is not another PR Marketing Company that gives enormous agreements but forgets to deliver at the right time.

    Fametick media has made its name organically by delivering good work from the beginning.

    How does Fametick Media manage PR marketing?

    • Fametick media increases the credibility of the person/brand within the mentioned industry. It escalates the overall reputation through Online Relation Management (ORM).

    • Fametick media helps to decrease the trust gap between the expected customers and the client to facilitate prosperity.

    • Good networking strategy, well communication, and having a good connection with media are the special characteristics of Afzal Anis. He uses this power to grow profit for his clients via Fametick media. Fametick media assists a good PR practice, as a result of that potential customers will have more options to communicate with the company. Afzal Anis creates the right possible way to reach the expected audience for the company.

    • The online platform allows choosing a filtered audience. This can only be possible through a good PR marketing agency. Afzal Anis and his team focus on changing the viewpoints of the customers for the business by delivering good content.

    • Fametick gives an analytical solution to the critical problems of the clients.

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